Top Tip for The Mother of the Bride

I’m The Mother of The Bride and I don’t want to show my bingo wings!
So, you have found “the dress and jacket” for your daughter’s wedding after hours of trawling the shops and trying on hundreds of outfits.

You don’t normally wear dresses but it’s your daughter’s wedding and you need to look the part.

“But what will I do if it’s warm, I can’t take my jacket off, there is no way I am showing my arms, however nice the dress is!” –  We hear you cry

Good news ladies, we have the answer………………

Cheshire based designer, Yvonne Gillon, has designed the underdress sleeve with a cropped bodice and adjustable neckline to fit under that perfect dress.

Handmade in the UK in over 40 colours, 3 sleeve lengths, 7 different fabrics and numerous designs, they disguise those arms very effectively and will give you the confidence you need to enjoy that special day

We even offer a bespoke service to tailor the sleeves to your shape and dress.

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