The Limited Edition Bee Comfort Cushion

As many of you are aware, we are based in Greater Manchester and the tragedy that took place 2 years ago in our home town is still very raw.

So what better way to show our support than to include the Manchester bee in one of our comfort cushions.

The cushion is designed to be placed between the arm and breast, and eases the pressure at the vulnerable points where (often invasive) surgery has occurred, and ladies are experiencing discomfort in the sensitive underarm area. This is especially beneficial in bed, cushioning the underarm area when sleeping on ones side.

We’ve also added an adjustable shoulder strap so it can be fitted by the wearer, and doesn’t need to be carried about.

To show our support Cami Confidential will be making a percentage donation from the sales of the Bee Comfort Cushion to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

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