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A new Swim to Eve sleeve has been designed for a breast cancer survivor to provide coverage whilst swimming.

We were contacted by a lucky survivor of breast cancer self-conscious of scaring on and under arms post-surgery to help boost her self-esteem. Low confidence makes it difficult for anyone to flash some skin, especially with the holiday season around the corner.  Not only scarring but after the cold dark months eating our body weight, makes the thought of having our bingo wings on full display rather frightening.

Cami Confidential has designed a new Swim to Eve sleeve perfect to wear over a swimming costume in or out of the pool. This feminine, lightweight and comfortable to wear design, creates confidence to those women worried of exposing the arms and chest. This clever product provides further protection with an SPF 20/40. This extremely versatile garment can be worn in several different ways to gain the preferred coverage, whilst creating diverse new looks to keep swimming stylish. Not only can the Swim Sleeve be worn in the pool but over a sundress or top, enhancing its versatility taking it from pool to eveningwear, proving its name the Swim Sleeve to Eve Sleeve.

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