Statement Sleeves!! Has Fashion Gone Mad??

Statement Sleeves!! Has Fashion Gone Mad??

In this day in age, of the working woman, the practicality of these sleeves goes right out the window and lets not forget ladies that lunch – please don’t put soup on the menu.

I will be 65 this year and have been successfully designing for real women for more than 30 years and I have come to the conclusion that “fashion designers” are always trying to go one step better with a frill here and a diamante there!!

In my wide experience, what many women want, is simple elegance that enhances the good bits and covers the not so good!

From this, Cami Confidential was born!

With their range of underdress sleeves to cover the arms (not flap about in the wind and get wet during the washing up), cami’s that do not gape when bending forward (not getting a face full of ruffles) cardi’s that flatter the waist and elongate the body (not making you look twice the size with the layers, ruffles and off the shoulder design) and tops to smooth the lumps and bumps (not covered in diamante sculls and rips – rips and holes? What is this?) at – What more could real woman want!

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