Retired Designer Making Face Masks

My mum retired from the Cami Confidential which I now run, or did until the shut down, but you wouldn’t know she is retired.
Although we are not trading much from Cami Confidential, my mum is going in every day making washable reusable face masks for the local community nurses and care homes.
She is inundated with requests for them which she is donating absolutely free of charge, so much so that the had to appeal to her friends and neighbours for cotton sheets.
So far she has made over 1000 and every one is hand made with as much care as she insisted her couture designs were made before her retirement.
She is now organising a rota herself and Barbara, our long term cherished machinist can make the masks on alternate days.
I am so proud of her for she wants, so much, to make a difference during this demanding time!

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