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      • Cami Confidential has developed the silk pillowcase as silk contains natural protein & essential amino acids, plus it has no added chemicals or dyes, which dry the skin and hair out.Silk is gentler on the skin than other fabrics, and won’t bunch up in the night, meaning that users generally don’t wake up with a sleep creased face.Silk also creates a softer and more nourishing sleeping surface for ones hair. It can eliminate friction, making that ‘morning bed head’ a thing of the past. It is also kinder on the hair as rougher fabrics can break strands as sleepers toss and turnMany people also find that silk pillow cases feel cooler against the skin, because they don’t trap heat like other fabrics.Silk is also known to help calm the nervous system, inducing a good night’s sleep.

      • Crafted in luxury, black matt satin, this executive Comfort Cushion has the added benefit of also being a handy little bag.Designed to compliment any outfit, the classic styling of this Comfort Cu...

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        These are our silk pillowcases which you have had from us in the past.These are a limited edition of colours being withdrawn and once they are sold will not be repeated.

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      • The cushion is designed to be placed between the arm and breast, and eases the pressure at the vulnerable points where (often invasive) surgery has occurred, and ladies are experiencing discomfort in ...