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Our History

Yvonne has been a couture designer for nearly 40 years.

During this time, a customer who has just undergone a mastectomy approached Yvonne as she was paranoid of her scarring when bending forward.

With this, Cami Confidential was born, originally just selling a Cami that was designed to not gape when leaning forward, giving post surgery women the confidence they need.

From this and from listening to our customers, other designs were created for their needs.

The Original Cami is designed to specifically hug the chest so that it doesn’t gape when leaning forward. The under layer also gives added security for the prosthesis. Can be worn under jackets, cardigans, tops and dresses.

The answer to women’s nightmares – Sleeves!

The Underdress Sleeves cover the arms without compromising the garment they are worn under. Great for the arm shy lady.

The Swim to Eve Sleeves

We were approached by the lovely Pat, a lucky survivor of breast cancer, but had been left with scarring.

As a frequent traveller, she wanted something to wear with a swimsuit that would cover the scarring and also provide sun protection.

The Swim to Eve Sleeve is a lightweight, comfortable and feminine design, that creates confidence by providing coverage to those women worried of exposing the arms and chest, whilst also providing sun protection of SPF 40/20.

They can also be worn over a dress, proving its name The Swim to Eve Sleeve.


The Comfort Cushion was developed in response to feedback from many of our customers who experienced discomfort after undergoing various types of surgery.

The Comfort Cushion is placed in the sensitive areas to ease the pressure.

It comes with an adjustable strap, so can be fitted to suit each individual wearer.


We are a small team of 4, Yvonne and Kate (myself) we are mother and daughter. Katie who came to us straight from uni 6 years ago. And Barbara who is 74 and the best machinist! We wont let her retire!

We make everything here in the studio in Cheshire and are very proud to be a “Made in the UK” company.

Cami Confidential is a great addition to any wardrobe…..
In fact – it’s a wardrobe essential for all women!




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