Meet The Team

We know only too well that it’s the people who are the true heartbeat and culture of a company.
A helpful, proactive team are the driving force of Cami Confidential and we thought it would be nice for you to put a name to a face.

Yvonne Gillon – Designer/Owner

My name is Yvonne and I been in the couture fashion business for nearly forty years. I actually started sewing with my mum when I was 5 years old and have loved it ever since.
I tried to retire a couple of years ago but after all that time in couture, I designed a garment which was very much sort after – the underdress sleeve. It was then that I decided to carry on although I no longer work on couture.
I love my work and I’m always coming up with new ideas to make women feel better about themselves. That’s what fashion should be about.
I couldn’t do it without my wonderful team. We all love coming to work.
Meet the Cami family…..

Kate Gillon – Operations Director

Kate, my lovely daughter started Cami Confidential Ltd with me 9 years ago and has helped the business go from strength to strength.
Her main task is marketing which she is excellent at, but she gets involved in all aspects of the business, website designing, admin, brochure design etc and I’m sure you will have heard her friendly voice on the phone too.
Most of all she organises the rest of us!! Particularly the designers!
She makes us laugh too!!

Katie Horsfield – Designer/Director

Katie Horsfield came to work at Cami Confidential on work experience from University as a very shy young lady.
Well, what can I say, 6 years later she is a Director. In all my 30+ years in business I have never met a more committed person who loves her job from answering the phone, to taking your order (you must have heard her happy helpful voice) to processing, cutting out and making up and more often than not packaging it up so you receive it the next day.
She also assists me in designing and her hand-sewing is second to none!
Nothing is too much trouble for her.
It must be in the name. I couldn’t do without the KATE’S

Barbara Barlow – Garment Technician

Barbara has worked for Cami Confidential Ltd from the word go.
She is one of the very few experienced garment technicians left in the UK and very precious to us. She is 75 going on 43 and often puts us all to shame with her healthy lifestyle.
We call her speedy gonzalez, as soon as I put work on her machine in the blink of an eye it’s done.
Her attention to detail is amazing. The quality of her work epitomizes our UK brand.
We will never let her retire before she has passed on her skills to the next generation.

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