Kate Middleton’s Sustainable Sleeves

We applaud Kate Middleton who has taken charge of sustainable fashion by re-wearing an Alexander McQueen dress previously worn in 2012 and now again in 2020 at the BAFTAs, with subtle alterations to the sleeves to provide a new look.

Sustain a dress or top through the decades with a Cami Confidential underdress sleeve. Handmade in the UK in over 40 colours, 3 sleeve lengths, 7 different fabrics and numerous designs worn under a dress or top to give the illusion of sleeves. They disguise those flabby and lumpy areas effectively which may have appeared over the decades whilst helping create a fresh new appearance to a garment.

With pressures on what we wear and how many times it’s been worn before seems trivial when looking to help save the planet. Well done Kate Middleton!

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