Dress me like a Duchess

Often celebrities can make us green with jealousy over their envious figures and latest fashion styles. The true reality is they are probably plagued with the same body “imperfections” as many women alike.

It’s come to light no matter what we do, it must be in our human nature to always criticise our own bodies. In fact, so much so, that special occasion is often left unattended due to a crisis of confidence. There is always that unreachable search for “perfection”.

Our designer Yvonne designed the “Megan” aptly named after our very own Duchess of Sussex was pictured wearing something similar, a beige dress and matching cape. The “Megan” is an asymmetrical upper arm and shoulder wrap which provides coverage to the tops of the arms, a common problem area for many women.

The “Megan” disguises those flabby and lumpy areas very effectively. Whether it is just in our heads or a reality, the problem needs addressing. Coverage is given to arm shy ladies, giving them the confidence to wear a dress that might be gathering dust from years ago, or something new they never would have picked before.

Just because you’re not a Duchess doesn’t mean you can’t dress like one.

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