Campaigning To Give Small Businesses A Chance

What does it take to get noticed?
We are a small company in Cheshire, we employ UK skilled tradespeople, we design and manufacture in the UK, we have the same product available year after year, we listen to our customers and have an exceptional customer service record!
Yet because we don’t have £1000’s to pay a celeb, pay for prime advertising space or just simply because we are a small company we get ignored.
For example –
Gok Wan did a piece on This Morning about dressing with confidence after Breast Cancer. He advertised Zara!
We have written to Gok numerous times, along with sending him products samples but we (who specialise in garments to give the wearer confidence) went ignored.
We even sent samples next day delivery to him at This Morning when he advertised that topic would be on the show the following day.
Mark Heyes then did a piece on shapewear for Lorraine.
Again, we have wrote and sent samples to Mark but he advertised Marks & Spencer’s.
Marks & Spencer’s do 2 colours and are very difficult to find in store.
We do over 40 colours and are available all year round!
Surely, we are not alone in this battle?
We know this is what women want!
One small mention in the Daily Mail (we can’t thank you enough for that) and we go crazy, is that not enough proof that we have a product that women want??
So, here’s my idea……I’m setting up a campaign to help small businesses get noticed, we will appear in editorial, and we will appear on TV and on celeb’s but we won’t be going into massive debt to achieve it.
If you have a product that you truly believe in and you want to get it out there then let’s do this, join the campaign and lets all work together!
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